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Paw Patrol Logo Cookie Cutter Set


Paw Patrol Logo Cutter

  • Sizing, Options, & Pricing:


    • 4" tall


    • Whole Set
    • Outside Cutter Only


    1. Patrol
    2. Bone
    3. Paw
    4. Inner P
    5. Outer P
    6. Inner A
    7. Outer A
    8. Inner W
    9. Outer W
    10. Inner Shield
    11. Shield

    Pricing is based on $1/h print time + Material cost. Different sizing and options will vary overall cost.

  • Material and Care:

    Made with Food Safe PETG.

    These products are top-shelf dishwasher safe.

  • Availability:

    These products are typically made to order.
    Please allow up to 7-14 days for requests to be fulfilled. 

    Fullfillment time is based on machine slot availabilty and current order volume. 

    Lead times vary.

  • Customization and Sizing:

    If you would like to customize this cutter in any way or request a different size, please use our Custom Cookie Cutter Request Form located here and reference this item.

    Pricing may vary (+/-) dependant on the change.

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