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Lithophane Lightboxes

Learn about the different options and features of our Lithophane Lightboxes


3 x 4 ratio

At this time, we are currently only offering one size of Lightbox. 

Lightbox: 117 x 157mm (4.6"x6.2" approx.)

Lithophane: 152.4 x 113mm (6"x4.4" approx).

We will be offering a square Lightbox in the near future.


Grey   |   White

We offer both Grey and White for Lithophane colour. Each add their own special characteristics. Grey, produces a softer, more photo-like quality that requires a stronger backlight, and white allows sharper detail and easier to see under a more broad range of lighting


PLA   |   Resin

Coming SOON!

PLA offers a more durable long lasting lithophane. Resin creates outstanding detail, but can be fragile, and is UV sensitive. Also, resin Lithophanes are higher priced



Currently Portrait is the only orientation available at this time. Landscape will become available soon.

Colour Theme

Black & White   |   Colour

Currently not available. 

Colour Lithophane is a paper printed image adhered to the inside of the lithophane.
This can easily be removed. 

Not recommended for grey Lithophanes

Replacement or Additional Lithophanes

Change your lithophane insert to a new one!

Only compatible with CZ3D Design Lightboxes.

These are a preset size.

Simply pull off the top, and slide in your new lithophane.


No tools required

Choose "Lithophane for Lightbox" from Product dropdown

  • Custom 3D Printed Lightbox with high quality LEDs

  • Interchangeable Lithophane insert

  • Can be placed on a shelf, or mounted on a wall

  • Photo design and Layout included

  • Basic Photo Editing

  • 1 on 1 Design consulting

  • 12V Power Supply

Lightbox Pricing

$50 ea.

PLA: $50 for PLA Lithophane + Lightbox combo

$42.50 for additional duplicates

Resin: Not available yet.

No charge at checkout.
A proof of your edited photo will be sent for approval before production.

*Payment required prior to production for first-time customers

**Shipping fees are Additional

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