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Lithophane Keychains

Learn about the different options and features of our Lithophane Keychains


Square   |   2 : 3

Choose the sizing that's right for your Lithophanes at no additional cost! 

Square or 2:3 ratio

All keychains are 40mm wide.


Grey   |   White

We offer both Grey and White   Lithophane colour. Each add their own special characteristics. Grey, produces a softer, more photo-like quality that requires a stronger backlight, and white allows sharper detail and is easier to see under a more broad range of lighting


PLA   |   Resin

Coming SOON!

PLA offers a more durable long lasting lithophane. Resin creates outstanding detail, but can be fragile and is UV sensitive. Resin Lithophanes are higher priced due to production costs

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 11.17.22 PM.png

Portrait    |    Landscape

Have your keychain in portrait or landscape when choosing the 2:3 ratio option. 

Note hole location below.

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 11.35_edited.jpg
Hole Location

Top Left   |   Top Right

Bottom Left   |   Bottom Right

Choose which corner you want the hole placed. 

Square Layout you can choose any of the four corners. 

With 2:3 ratio you can only choose TL or BR in Portrait, and TR and BL in Landscape. See Orientation above.

  • Photo design and Layout included

  • Basic Photo Editing

  • 1 on 1 Design consulting

  • Keyring with keychain

Keychain Pricing

$10 ea  |  $5 duplicates

PLA: Our keychains start at $10 each for the first image, and then $5 for each additional duplicate of that same image.

Resin: Not available yet.

No charge at checkout.
A proof of your edited photo will be sent for approval before production.

*Payment required prior to production for first-time customers

**Shipping fees are Additional

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