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Garbage Truck Fondant or Cookie Cutter


Garbage Truck Cutter

  • Sizing, Options, & Pricing:


    • 5" wide, 3.5" tall


    • Whole Set
    • Outside Cutter Only


    1. Headlight
    2. Window
    3. Bumper
    4. Tire
    5. Rim
    6. Gas Tank
    7. Cabin
    8. Dump Press
    9. Dump Cutter
    10. Full Body

    Pricing is based on $1/h print time + Material cost. Different sizing and options will vary overall cost.

    All presses are designed to work with our press handle.

    **One complimentary handle included per customer with purchase.

    Additional handles availble here

  • Material and Care:

    Made with Food Safe PETG.

    These products are top-shelf dishwasher safe.

  • Availability:

    These products are typically made to order.
    Please allow up to 7-14 days for requests to be fulfilled. 

    Fullfillment time is based on machine slot availabilty and current order volume. 

    Lead times vary.

  • Customization and Sizing:

    If you would like to customize this cutter in any way or request a different size, please use our Custom Cookie Cutter Request Form located here and reference this item.

    Pricing may vary (+/-) dependant on the change.

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